Sunday, December 12, 2010

~ Core Fighter Miniature muzeum Diorama (Bakuc 2010)

This is so far the best detail diorama I have seen in my life in Gundam Competition. Warning !!! I have uploaded many photos, may take some time to load for none broadband users. Enjoy the details !!!

The battle damage on this core fighter is really detail and realistic.

The core fighters hanging on "glass" wall.

A demo core fighter for visitors.

The tiny details. Check out the humans, information boards, snacks machine, drinks machine and plants.

The lift !!! I really like its detail almost similar to the real thing !!!

Check out the size of this diorama !!!

Top view.

Gray G-3 core fighter.

The lighting box looks nice.

Using a mirror to reflects light under the base. A great idea and cost effective :)

I was with my bro looking around for this Char's Zaku. Wonder where it was hidden. Hmm......

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