Saturday, January 26, 2008

~ MB Lotus Exige

Lotus is one of universal well known sport racing car. Matchbox had produced this car in 2006 and sold in the year 2007 which has 2 types of colour i.e. metallic yellow and green. In 2008, it is produced in blue metallic colour. Currently, i have all those 3 colour in my collection but i hope Matchbox will produce it in red which i think red is more matching to this sexy car. The scale of this car is 1/56 but is almost same size with other 1/64 car which means it is smaller than other car in real life.

Matchbox had done a good job on this model. It has painted head lamp, spot light. Engine covers are painted in black. Besides that, the car also has door mirrors. The spoiler and rims are made from black plastic.

This car has a semi black front windscreen but has no left and right windscreen.

The only bad point for this car i.e. the rear lamp is not painted.

It is made in Thailand and has a black plastic base.

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