Monday, February 2, 2009

~ Hotwheels Volkswagon Beetle Convertible (Mystery)

Old school Beetle!!! This is one of the car that I got from "tikam". I mean need to have some luck to get your wanted cars. It is from 2007 mystery series which is sealed in black blister. That's why we can't see what car we are getting. In Malaysia, we must purchase a "Hot box" in order to get a mystery car. The "Hot box" package comes with 3 cars including one mystery car, a 2007 poster, a plastic casing for car storage and a outer layer hard card box. I will try to take the "Hot box" package photo and post in my blog.

A nice convertible Beetle from Hot wheels. It is in pearl purple color. It actually has another colour which is green. However, I have no luck to get that colour.

It actually has light purple tempo on the hood and side doors but they are not really visible. Perhaps Mattel should apply darker colour for the tempo.

Nice white interior!!! It gives me a cool luxurious feel.

The base is made from metal as well. Thus, gives this bug a solid feel!

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