Friday, January 11, 2008

~ Hotwheels Thunt$ brutalistic

Starting from 2007 and onwards, there will be 2 types of "treasure" in Hot wheels i.e. normal and super thunt. The word "Thunt" identify the normal thunt while "Thunt$" identify super thunt is stated on the green label of the card. The production of thunt especially thunt$ is very limited. This means that we have to hunt them down. I personally think that the symbol "$" used on the card means its valuable or we have to spend more $ on it as they are 2 types of thunt for a single treasure hunt.

The first thing that i like thunt$ is because of their shiny paintjob! Its not chrome or metallic but looks a bit like "oily" transparent paint. Very nice! Then, the application of rubber tyres on thunt$ makes the car looks more realistic! However, the disadvantage of rubber tyre is the car's movement speed is greatly reduced compared to plastic tyres. In other words, its not suitable to race on tracks but more sutable to be a display item. If compared to normal thunt, the car doesn't have shiny paint job and rubber wheels.

Brutalistic has very sleek body design and "fire" decals on its body. You can see some wordings as additional decals from the side of its body while "B$" on its front part. Besides that, the rims design is different compared to usual hot wheels. The rims now are really in 3-Dimensional shape(3D). Perfect rims!

Thunt brutalistic has a brown and detail base. Its made in Malaysia.

The most intesting parts about Thunt$ is Hot wheels use the combination of rubber and chrome rims to make tyres. As you can see in the photos below, the rubber can be taken out. The rims looks almost identical to real life rims! Besides that, the rubber has some patterns or "flower" on it. Nice!


uglybystander said...

your double decker still carded but your thunt sudah rape? hehehe

zehobby said...

hehe, sometimes need to feel the rubber tyre xD


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