Friday, December 19, 2008

~ Hotwheels Speed Racer (1/64) !!!

Woohoo!!! Finally my exams over!!! As promised to show my Monday haul i.e. Speed Racer from Hotwheels!!! I got them at very good bargain =) too bad only left few models for me to choose. Luckily, I still manage to get all the "Mach" cars including an exlusive red transparent Mach 4. Below are my favourite models.

Very cool transparent Mach 4!!!

Mach 5

Racer X

A closer look at Mach 6!!!

Now I understand why the cars are quite pricey at retail. The first thing that I noticed is great packaging. Front and back of the card are very colourful and attractive. Next, Mattel included extra movie accesories and movie booklets. Every car comes with one type of "weapon" and booklet. The car can install up to 4 weapons!!! Cool!!! The car is slightly larger than normal HW cars. However, the downside of the 1/64 Speed racer produced by Mattel are fully made from plastic. Maybe Mattel is trying to cut production cost. But hey! Think positively, at least there are no rough plastic edges finishing. I did notice a few model of HW basic has rough metal edges. Anyway, Mattel still able to add a layer of gloss coating/finishing to made the cars looks more attractive. Movie edition cars are limited + Speed Racer cars really have very unique design. Get yours now as soon as possible before they are gone. Hope I can find the Mach 5 & Racer X in desert edition soon.

Sorry, I am unable to reveal the actual price that I bought them due to someone who is jealoused of what I have until spammed my blog. I had deleted those comments. If you really interested to give comment about the toys that I posted, you are most welcome. However, if you are intended to discriminate about other things etc. Please leave my blog now. "Really such a childish act". I really pity those people. May God bless them. Anyway, to my friend who interested to know about the price can email me for enquiry. Thanks=)

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