Sunday, June 1, 2008

~ Choro-Q Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-R

I got this cool and cute looks car from online friend last 2 weeks. It was released by TAKARA in year 2003 and has been reissued in year 2007 by TAKARA TOMY. Unfortunately, I am unable to show you guys how was the old Choro-Q package looks like as I got this car in loose (without package) but I know the whole box is in red.

The headlamp and the body are painted in silver.

Although this car is small (less than 2" / around 4.5cm) but it still has great details on it. Besides that, it also has pull-back action !!!

The brake lamps are painted and its number is 54 in the 2003 series.

This old Choro-Q was made by TAKARA in Taiwan, unlike since 2006 all the Choro-Q are manufactured in China. The base of this car is totally different from the Choro-Q nowadays. The words are in embossed form while the wording on the new Choro-Q is replaced by a hard and thin sticker.

-Old Choro-Q has better quality in terms of paint job compared to those release in 2006 and so on.

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