Monday, February 18, 2008

~ Tomica 2007 Nissan Skyline

Another new release of Nissan Skyline in the year 2007!! This is onr of the brand new model from TAKARA TOMY. Its in 1/62 scale. This car looks cool, sexy and luxury!! Its a must have for skyline fans!!

It has chrome painted headlamps and silver grill. The logo is perfectly "printed" on the grill.

The windows panel are painted in silver!! It looks very outstanding among my die-cast collections.

It looks very cool and sexy in gloss black colour. You can click the photo below to see the reflection from the it. However, there is QC problem for this car as the paintjob has a few tiny sand/dust stick under the paint.

The rear lamps are painted in metallic red instead of normal chili red colour. I like this type of metallic colour as they look more realistic. The spoiler is painted in silver colour. Besides that, there are a few tempos i.e. logos. These additional tempos make it looks more "perfect". Nice!!!

The 2 front doors can be opened. The mold/ design of the doors has improved as the door is less "square-ish". This is one of the cool feature in this sexy black car.

Its made in China and has a black base.

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