Wednesday, January 23, 2008

~ Tomica Lamborghini Mucielago

Lamborghini Murcielago is one of my favourite Eropean exotic car. Many die-cast company had produced this model. However non of the manufacture produce a good quality car with resonable price. Autoart had produced this model in very high quality 1/64 scale but the price is quite high for an economic collector such as me. Finally, i able to grab it made by TOMY a.ka. tomica which has good quality and a resonable price tag.

TOMY had produced this lambo in metallic orange colour but i hope Tomy will produce it in yellow as well. It is in 1/62 scale and the finishing paintjob for this car is smooth. It has painted head lamps and real lamps. Besides that, the logo is painted on the bonet while the word " lamborghini" is painted at real part. The best part of this car is I don't have to add any additional paintjob on it! Great!

The bad point for this model in tomica line is that it doesn't feature any opening doors, bonet, or engine cover may due to too many "curving" design. Then, the rims design doesn't match well with this car and doesn't has door mirrors.

The engine cover is painted in black. Oh well, the engine for lamborghini is usually located at back.

OK, I had juz discovered some changes which had made to new tomica series i.e. it has suspension! Oh man, 1/62 scale car has suspension! DO you dare to challenge me by pressing your Hot wheels or Matchbox car ? Actually, Tomy does produce other 1/59-1/64 car which has supension from Tomy limited series but is more costly.

It was made in China and has black base.

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