Tuesday, March 3, 2009

~ Majorette Peugeot 307

Majorette was my favorite childhood brand. Anyway, I started to recollect Majorette's car since 2 years ago as Majorette has produce some unique brand car like Citroen and Peugeot. Old Majorette was made in France.

This 307 is in 1/56 scale and has a blue-ish gray scheme colour.

I have added some paint job so that it don't looks too plain.

Majorette does give nice detailing on this car. However, the front tire is slightly out of alignment. I had skipped the dark red version due to this problem as I thought it was some error. Anyway, I bought this 307 as this new color also face the same problem which is obviously due to mold problem.

I feel a bit disappointing that Majorette has made a "black clip" at the rear upper portion. It should be made at the car number plate area.

This 307's bonnet can be opened to reveal its engine!!! Nice one!!

Besides that, it also has suspension!!! Yes, suspension!!! There are two tiny metals at the center as shown in the following photo which is almost as thin as needle which provide suspension feature to this car. 307 has black base and is made in Thailand.


johuang said...

hi there.... noticed that you've reviewed the Shell toy cars range in the past. The 2009 ones are out, and we're wondering if you would be reviewing them too? My name is Jo and I work in Ogilvy Public Relations for Shell - we would love to have your comments on your blog. We'd be happy to share the cars with you for your independent review. Apart from that we have lots of activities happening during this Shell-Ferrari-F1 period and would love to invite you to some of these events too! Do contact me at jo.huang@ogilvy.com or call at 016-233 8807, happy to have a quick chat if you need more info!

Jo Huang

zehobby said...

Hi Jo, thanks for visiting my blog. I try my best to review the new Ferrari, but it might take some time as Shell around my place doesn't allow me to purchase more than one car for each purchase of petrol.


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