Sunday, January 6, 2008

~ Hotwheels Golf Gti 2007

Volkswagon GTi is one of my favourite cars in Hot wheels(HW) series.
Its the from 2007 first edition series. This car has 2 types of colour in 2007 i.e. blue and orangeish- red. In 2008, it will be white colour in the volkswagon series. This car is really hot!

I like this car because its quite detail compare to other HW cars.
It has "carbon" bonet, sunroof and door mirror! Thats awesome!
Not much HW cars have door mirror. The twin exhaust pipe is one of cool feature in this car. Besides that, the rear lamp is well painted and the car has painted VW logos in front and back as well as a number plate as detail bonus! Anyway, the front part dissapointed me as there is no painted headlamp, spotlight or signal :( I myself had added "spotlight" and "orange signal" on the car so that it doesnt looks too plain.

The rims are very well match with Golf. Nice!

This golf has a shiny chrome which i love it!
Its made in Malaysia.

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