Friday, February 1, 2008

~ HB Human Torch

I bought this figure from the exclusive 3 pack DVD Commemorative series. The main difference of this series compared to single carded figure is the metallic dark blue suit! This metallic suit is darker and more accurate compared to previous release. This figure is made by Hasbro in conjuction with the release of the Fantastic 4 the movie: The rise of Silver Surfer in 2007.

This figure has a real human looks sculpt. However, i am suprised that the figure doesn't look like Chris Evans (actual actor of Human Torch) but Lee Ryan! xD Note: the small right photo is Lee Ryan while the left one is Chris Evans.

The features:

  • Maker: Hasbro
  • Year of released: 2007
  • 5" tall
  • 16 points of articulation
  • 1 fire blast weapon + 2 bullets (single card has 2 fire blast)
  • 1 Body and 2 leg orange fire decals
  • Weapon can shoot!

Comments: The articulation can be improved like adding additional joints on the wrist and thigh with ball joints. Overall paint job is fine but there are quite a number of tiny dried gum marks on the figure. I like that blue metallic colour!

The body and legs fire decals actually just clip on the figure. The decals are semi transparent orange soft pvc rubber.

You can add the weapon by simply just clip it on the figure. I think Hasbro should design the fire blast that is able to let the figure hand put in it instead of clip on. In this way, the figure hand can glow the "fire". Cool!

We have to press the blue button to shoot the "fire" and should avoid pointing the weapon towards eyes as the shooting strength is quite strong. Its worth to be added into your marvel collection.

Jonny:"Fire in the hole."

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