Tuesday, June 17, 2008

~ Tomica Honda S800 Mickey version

This is my 3rd Disney edition Tomica in my collection which I got it recently. I have been looking for this Mickey S800 for so long already. Luckily, it arrived in Malaysia. The scale of this car is 1/51, that means the real car is pretty small. The quality of disney edition car is very good compared to normal edition Tomica but the price is a few bucks more than usual Tomica. Anyway, this is my favourite car among my Tomica collection. The box has "Disney" words and a Mickey picture.

As you can see the bonet has a big "printed" Mickey head and the lamps are unpainted.

Almost all the body of this car is "printed" with Mickey mouse pictures. Very colourful and attractive. Besides that, its really amazing that this car has "suspension".

The black painted roof of the car has some "printed" Mickey comics however the words are too small for me to read them.

I hope that Tomica would add some colour on the back lamps so that this car looks more detail.

The body and base of this car are made from metal!! This 1st edition of S800 was produced in Japan before 90's. That's why you can notice the "Tomica" wording is different from the "Tomica" words nowadays. The base is unpainted and this S800 was made in China.

The doors can be opened!! Cool!!

Posing with mystery edition S800. =)


Janus Lu said...

Wah! This mickey car looks cute, nice collection, buddy.

zehobby said...

Hi bro thanks for the comment :P
yeah this is my favourite tomica =)


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