Tuesday, January 15, 2008

~ SHS kamen rider Kaixa

Kamen rider a.k.a. Masked rider is one of the most popular suheroes around the world. Of course, I am one of the big fans of Kamen rider. Today i am goin to show an interesting Kamen
rider Kaixa SHS figure. SHS is actually stands for "souchaku henshin series". It means that this type of figure is made from combination of plastic + die-cast and can transform. Transform?Yeap, one of the unique feature of this figure is able to transform from human to Kamen rider.

The features:
  • Maker: Bandai
  • Year of released: 2003
  • Material: Made from die-cast + plastic
  • Height: Approx. 5 inches
  • Playability: Good!
  • Accessories: Ample of weapons!

The rider can equip all his weapons on his body!
The hands and back design of the rider is very detail!
The fingers is movable i.e. index and middle fingers move together while rinf and baby fingers move together but the thumb is non-movable.

As you can see there are many weapons given in this set as well as the brief case.
Slight dissapoinment about the "sword". The beam saber cannot extend but Bandai provided us with additional sword that is already extended.

I like the rider phone the most as its very detail for a 13mm mini mobile phone. Impressive!
Oh well, the phone exist in 3 forms for this figure as shown in the photo below.

Nice! Nice! The weapons can be fitted into the brief case like in the movie.

So far I feels the Kaixa's human head is the most handsome one. xD
He has dark brown,short hair style. However, I feel that the human head is too small compare to the overall body size.

Body armor and rider belt are made of die-cast metal which make the figure becomes heavier and feels more solid.


Arie said...

could you sell it to me? where are you at?

Arie said...

please could you sell it to me? contact me 08111831229, hope your not too far

zehobby said...

I am afraid will be very far....I am from Malaysia =)

hulawei said...

cool. i'm waiting for mine to arrive. presently i hv faiz, faiz blaster & psyga (kamen rider faiz team), blade, garren , chalice, leangle, blade king & ace (fm kamen rider blade team) and g3 & gills (fm kamen rider agito team)

Mr Skull said...

Haha bro yup. You should collect kabuto series as well. Metallic paint with extra armor. Very nice !!!


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