Sunday, July 13, 2008

~ Tomica New Honda Fit

The brand new Honda Fit a.k.a. Jazz in Malaysia. I was hoping that I could stop buying Tomica due to recent price hike. However, I know I cant resist after this new Fit was released in Malaysia. The colour and design are brilliant!!! I always like Honda car design as they always make their car as unique as possible compared to other car manufacturer. This new Honda Fit is actually a replacement of previous old Honda Fit in pink colour which is also numbered "100".

The cool "electric" metallic blue really match this car and make everyone loves it!!! Even the sales promoter said the colour is very nice for this car!!!

The headlamps are painted in chrome and there is a small tiny Honda logo at the grill. The black portions in front are painted in matt black.

The sides doors are all sealed. The black parts are painted in matt black. This 1/60 scale car also has suspension!!!

The rear lamps are painted in red with cool design signal lamps while the rear windscreen are actually painted with glossy black!!! A small tiny Honda logo and "Fit" wording are painted at boot.

The boot can be opened. Nice!!!

Made by TOMICA, CHINA in 2008.

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