Wednesday, February 6, 2008

~ Tomica Pikachu car

I found something special today while having windows shopping i.e. Pikachu from Poketmon series has transformed into car!!! Tomy has produced one of the most popular cartoon character in the form of die-cast car. This car doesn't have actual scale but i expected its scale is around 1/59-1/62 as the car is quite big compared to 1/64 car.

Its very cute and I bet most of us like this car. The car's face looks almost identical to Pikachu. The eyes has replaced the head lamps. It has a pair of ears on the car roof while a lightning shaped tail at back. The tail and ears are made from plastic. Besides that, it also has fully function "suspension" wheels.

The painted Poketmon tempo on both sides make the car looks more attractive.

The bad point for this car is that it doesn't feature any opening doors features. Anyway, I would say that its a must have item in your die-cast collection! I don't think Tomy is going to reissue this cute car in the future unless Pikachu is too hot!

It was made in China in year 2005 and has a black base. Nintendo has approved this car as one of the Poketmon official products.

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