Saturday, February 21, 2009

~ Hotwheels Super Treasure Hunt$ Skyline

Skyline is one of my favourite Japanese car!!! As a Hot Wheels collectors do you collect the cars because of its design or the word "limited"? Answer for me is great design. But for this Skyline it carries both "great design" and "limited" title. Let us have a look on what is so special about this "Super Hunt"?!!

The main unique features of Super Treasure Hunt$ is the car is painted in spectraflame colour compared to regular treasure hunt.

The headlamps are painted. The bonnet is painted in black to "simulate" carbon bonnet.

Many tiny logos and lucky number "7" are printed on both side of doors. They are official logos!!! Besides that, it has rubber wheels and cool sporty rims.

A "Nissan" word is printed on rear wind screen.

A very heavy modified muscular look of Skyline R32.

Great impressive detail by Hot wheels for a 1/64 cars!!! Salute for such great detail!!! I like the word "GT-R". :p

This Skyline has a grey base and was made in Malaysia.

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