Sunday, February 7, 2010

~ Transformers Animated Optimus Prime (McDonald)

I think its has been more then 10 years I didn't buy any McD toys since the release of Snoopy world tour figures. The packaging of McD toy still looks the same. ;) The instructions are printed on the front packaging. The figure is made by Hasbro, China. I bought this Optimus last 3 days ago. I am suprised that the figures are sold out at nearby McD. Luckily, I still able to get him together with the Bumblebee. The McD staff actually got "stunned" initially when I said I want to buy the Optimus Prime figure only instead of McValue Meal. xD

The paintjob is good and plastic is more durable then Transformers movie line. Hmm, i wonder why ? ~~~ Maybe Hasbro concerns about kids safety.

OP :"Autobot transform !!!"

The details on this figure looks good but overall he looks kinda "bricky" like Lego. His height is approximately 11.5cm/ 4.6" tall. The transformation is easy but solid. Basically, the transformation is using "click" technique that can minimise the joints to get loose. The painjob on his head is "rough"and dusty for a new figure ??? The only articulations are his elbow joints, flips up and down in 180 degrees. Well, I can't complain much as it only cost me RM3.

There is an Autobot logo located on the pink dot shown in photo below. Unfortunately, my camera is unable to "see" it. Hasbro used some sort of "rubber-ish" paint to paint OP face. I hope kids won't go and chew his head as the paint seems to be easily chip off. Ouch !!!

I think I have missed out the sideview and size comparison photos. I will add on these photos together with the McD Bumblebee.


Janus Lu said...

Am I too late to eat burger now? XD
Nice review there, bro. I wish to have 1 ...yummy! :)

Uncle Bulk said...

lol bro thanks. Get it while stock last. This promo just started last week ;)

Janus Lu said...

I am hungry now... XD


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