Wednesday, October 8, 2008

~ JD Mustang GTR Concept

Heres my very first Jada car from DUB City series. I got it loose from US ebay. It is a concept model, Mustang GTR Concept. It's in 1/64 scale.

All the detailing on this car are painted in black, no seperation of parts. I like the the matt black bonet =)

The rear lamps are painted in red.

Jada has better quality in terms of detailing and paintjob compare to brand which has almost price tag such has maisto.

I has a "GTR" wording painted at the side and side exhaust pipes painted in silver color.I like the chrome rims the most making this GTR to have a more "high class" looks. The rim design is very nice.

Let us have a look here on different car. All the 3 cars shown below : Mustang(Jada) , Civic(Tomica), Integra (Racing Champion) are in 1/64 scale. In my opinion, I think Tomica has the most accurate size since it has the average size amongst them.

Rubber tires with tread!!! Nice details!!!

It has black painted metal base and is made in China.

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