Sunday, March 30, 2008

~ HB Star Wars Q Darth Vader

Welcome to the Dark Force!!! Hehe, I got this cute Darth Vader figure which is my first Star Wars toys or collectibles figure last year when Toys "R" Us was having some year end stock clearance sale. I got it at 70% off the retail price. It's from the Super D (Deformed) series. It's quite pricey to buy it at the normal retail price but its quality is very good in term of the material and paintjob. Besides that, it also has extra features compared to other toys. Hope that I am able to find Storm Troopers.

The features:

-Maker: Hasbro
-Year of released: 2005
-4.5" tall
-Sounds (3 types)
-Included 3 LR44 batteries

This figure has a mixture of semi gloss black and matte black paintjob. The semi gloss paintjob gives this figure a more luxurious looks!!! The black matte Cape has 7 tiny holes on it which allow the sounds to come out from it.

This little Darth Vader is actually just a static figure which is used for displaying purpose. I thought its hands were adjustable but they are not which is quite disappointing.

Check out the great details on this figure!!! All the painted tiny buttons have their own respective "bulging" shape unlike other toys that just mainly use paint to indicate their details. All these tiny details have became one of the "magnet"which attracted me to buy this Darth Vader besides its cute shape. Cute but cool!!!

The beam saber light up simultaneously with the Darth Vader sounds (voice) when you touch the 2 terminals at the Darth Vader bottom. The light saber actually lights brighter than the photo that I shown below. It will flash according to the sounds.

Here are the 2 chrome terminals that I mentioned just now which are located at the upper part ( left and right) in the following photo. It's made in China by Hasbro and Tomy.

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