Sunday, May 11, 2008

~ Tomica Suzuki Skywave

Hehe, here is my very first die-cast bike in my collection. Suzuki Skywave in 1/38 scale is a brand new mold produce by TOMY.

The lamps are transparent with silver internal. There is a "S", Suzuki logo in between the lamps.
The bike is steerable but to a limited degree around 25-30 degree left or right.

There is also tiny "Skywave" wordings on both sides of the bike. The exshaust pipe is painted in silver and made from die-cast metal.

The handle is made from plastic and painted in silver while the seat is made from black plastic.
Actually, this bike is quite heavy as the ody of the bike is made from die-cast metal expet the wheels, seat, lamps, "windsceen" and handle are made from plastic.

The wheels are rotatable and made from plastic and real rubbers!!!.This bike was made in 2006 by Tomy, China.

Size comparison with a 1-64 size car.

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