Saturday, November 22, 2008

~ Shell James Bond cars (Group)

In conjunction of celebrating 5000 viewers of my blog, let me present you all with the latest merchandise offered by Shell. =) After about one month, I finally able to complete this set. In order to get each car you must pump in petrol of minimal RM40 or buy Shell Helix oil (3L/4L). Of course the car is not free, you have to pay RM5.50 for each car. There are box variaton (Blue and brown) and card variation (Back card with or without DBS). Its really worth to collect them as they come with display case. Awesome! Stay tune for more individual Bond cars photos and reviews!!!

The Bond car (approx. 1/64 scale) comes in 5 models:
-Sunbeam Alpine 5
-Aston Martin DB5
-Lotus Esprit
-BMW Z3 Roadster
-Aston Martin DBS

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