Wednesday, September 10, 2008

~ UT Kamen Rider Black RX

Kamen Rider Black RX was once upon the most popular Kamen Rider in the 90's. A reborn of Black. I showed the first photo as below to some of the Kamen Rider collector and told them i already grabbed the Medicom RAH Black RX. Guess what? They believed and asked me where did i bought it as RAH RX is scheduled to release next year, 2009. =D Anyway, I was looking for this figure for sometime already which cost 300 yen per capsule from Ultimate solid 4 by Bandai. Luckily, I found a collector has extra of this RX. The first photo is my favourite photo.

Now, let us have a closer look on this figure!!! I am very sure you will have a shock by looking at those details.

The details on the legs have some "fabric get strech" details. A figure stand or holder is provided as shown in the photo.

The details on its body is superb + great paintjob as well!!! However, still got some minor parts need some touch up. Hope future release of new series will be the same. The details on the hand looks so real!!!

His back also has tiny lining details!

Check the details of those big red bug eye!!! Very detail and attractive!!! This is one of the main reason that attracts me to buy and collect ultimate solid figure as I am not that rich to spend RM400-500 on one Medicom figure. =( However the details of ultimate solid figure is already enough and really satisfied me for the price I paid. I am planning to remake the antennas myself during upcoming holidays as the original antennas seems to be a little to "thick".

The features:
  • Maker: Bandai
  • Year of released: 2007
  • Ultimate Solid 4
  • 300 yen only (value for $$)
  • 4" tall (save your display space =)
  • Static display figure
  • Included one holder and extra pair of antennas (Thanks Bandai for being so curteos )
  • Very good paint job (salute!!!)

Here are some special "art" effect by using the editor provided by Photobucket. I really love the below 2 neon photos.

Hope I am able to find Super 1 and Black too as they were my childhood super heroes !!!


Janus Lu said...

Nice haul bro. I love this Rider also! Now I must sing :"Wake up! The hero. aiyoyo!"

zehobby said...

Hehe thanks bro.
Still looking for a few other classic riders.
Thanks for visiting my blog. =)

Janus Lu said...

Just get into SIC-lah, hehehe...

zehobby said...

haha i already slow down in SIC......cant afford too much :(

Janus Lu said...

I see...

Carlos said...

Hi, I got KR Stronger, Riderman, KR X all unopened in capsule. You interested?
Anyway, you heard of any news about new UT Kamen Rider models coming out? Been
quite long since got new one. Contact me if you are interested in the UT I have.


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