Saturday, February 9, 2008

~ Tomica Dahaitsu Move custom

This Daihatsu Move custom version looks cool! Oh well, it is known as Perodua Kenari in Malaysia. Its in 1/57 scale and has purple metallic body. Besides that, it also has "suspension".
You can hardly seen this kind of car produce in 1/57-64 scale size. Thanks to TOMY!

The headlamp is in chrome colour, while the front spotlight and rearlamp is painted. There are tiny logo and" MOVE" wording at the back of the car. Unfortunately, the the rear windscreen is painted in grey colour.

As you can see, this car feature openable rear boot. It doesn't have any openable doors.

It has black base and made in China. Its worth to be added in your collection!


aris raptorclans said...

Wows... i found ur blog from d Lowyat forum... such dedication man, i love how you show your collection in your blog. And I'm surprised i finally found someone who snaps every angle of a car or toy the same whay i do :D

Keep it up bro~ (I have this Move too)

zehobby said...

Thanks bro for the support :)
Yeah, i try to be different as last time i was looking for someone shooting every angle of the car but no one does it.


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