Saturday, February 23, 2008

~ Hotwheels 69' Dodge Daytona

WOW!! I just realised that i didnt post/ review about Hot wheels(HW) for quite some time as i was focused on TOMICA due to lack of HW restock (new wave) around my place. Anyway, I grabbed a new car 2 days ago i.e. 69' Dodge Daytona. This car is really cool with huge chromed engine and spoiler. It was released in 2007. I wish i could grab the 2007 blue edition one too.

This sporty car has nice green shiny paint job and a great detailed engine!! It looks cooler with the additional detail on the bonnet.

It has nice "Dodge" tempo on both sides of its doors. Check out the huge chrome "exhaust pipe" at both side of its body and the big rear wheels!! However, this sporty car looks more like a "Tonned" Dodge Daytona" to me rather then a realistic series?! Anyway, I like tooned car and hope HW can produce more tooned series!!

The rear part looks too "plain". I hope that HW could add some paintjob on the rear lamps. :)

It was made in Malaysia and has black mix with 2 small chrome part(exhaust).

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