Wednesday, December 24, 2008

~ Hotwheels Ferrari 250 GTO (2009 FE)

I think these 3 years since 2007-2009 must be Ferrari Fever !!! Mattel non-stop released Ferrari in both Hot Wheels and Shell products!!! Hot wheels special Ferrari series were released since 2007. Do you remember the gold Ferrari Enzo? The good news are you can collect variety colour and design of Ferrari's while bad news are you have to prepare loads of "bullets" if you wish to collect all the special series otherwise you will get a "huge hole" in your pockets. On 2008 and 2009, there are already 3 Ferrari released in First edition series which I know are FXX, 288 GTO and 250 GTO.

OK! Now let us see the 2009 First Edition 250 GTO. I must say it's a must get classic sport car!!!

Actually, the lamps are not painted. I forgot to take the photo before i painted those headlamps. There is a small Ferrari logo in front.

The door handle are originally painted in silver. The is a Ferrari logo at side as well.

All the silver detailing are originally painted by Mattel. Mattel are getting good at detailing!!!

Here is the best part; All the rear lamps, number plate and silver detailing are originally painted by Mattel as well. I love it!!!

It comes with black plastic base and was made in Malaysia.

Here is the car that I added detailing on it to make it looks nicer as I love this Ferrari very much.

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