Sunday, May 25, 2008

~ Hotwheels Ferrari Fxx (Yellow)

FXX !!! This is the latest Ferrari added in 2008 First edition series. FXX has 3 types of colour: Red, black and yellow. Currently I only have the red and yellow. The sculpt or mould for this car is almost identical to real car. Very cool !!!

The white racing stripes!!! Yummy, I like those stripe!!!

There is a tiny Ferrari logo located in front of the bonnet.

This car is cool and sporty. However, I hope Mattel can use thicker yellow to spray on this car as you can see there are many irritating green-blue like lines on the car. Yellow is my favourite colour but I have to avoid most of the car in yellow which has this similar problem. Only very few die-cast company is able to produce qualiy yellow painted car.

There are quite many details for this small die-cast car which really suprise me!!!

There is a white "FXX" word located at the center of the spoiler.

It has black plastic base and is made in Malaysia.

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