Friday, January 16, 2009

~ Tomica Super Ambulance (2008)

I bought this ambulance last year. It is one my favorite Tomica vehicle. I just realized that there is no scale for this ambulance when I tried to do the review. It is actually a replacement of a previous ambulance super ambulance.

This ambulance is quite detail when I first saw it. All are original painted by Tomy. I didn't add any detailing. If you look closer you can see the Isuzu and ambulance logo.

Great detail on the side of this ambulance truck. Written in Chinese characters "Tokyo Ambulance". There is no suspension for this truck.

The emergency lamps are in transparent red which reminds me about Lego. :) The top of this ambulance is detail!!!

The best part; the slide out gimmick of "mini clinic". However, it only can slide out half of the portion. Besides that, only the truck's "head" and part of the base is made from die-cast. The container is made from plastic. Too bad. :( Hopefully it won't turn yellowish in future.

Rear is nicely painted and detail!!!

Here's a better view of the gimmick.

The real name of this truck is Isuzu Giga which has a black base.


Janus Lu said...

The gimmick at both side is nice! :)

zehobby said...

Haha, i kena tipu by the photo liao.....after i poened the box try to pull hard lol....luckily didnt break it, then only i realize only half!!!....:X

Janus Lu said...

I see...:)


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