Tuesday, February 26, 2008

~ Hotwheels 2008 Poster

Suprise, suprise, suprise!! Today, when i went back home after getting some Hot wheels (HW) and matchbox cars, I saw a comic posters in the plastic begs!! lol!! I immediately unfolded the "comic sheet". Then, I saw "2008" HW posters. Cool !! I have been waiting for this poster for so long. This year 2008 has dozens of nice cars such as Ferrari, volkswagon, Mitsubishi Lancer and lots more!! Almost 85% of cars from the list are very cool and hot!! I wish i could collect all the car that i wanted!!

Sorry for the blur images!! You may click the images to enlarge them!!
Enjoy!! :)

2008 First Edition

2008 Team series

2008 Treasure Hunt

2008 Track Stars

2008 All Stars/ Code cars

1 comment:

aris raptorclans said...

dude i just realised dis post lol... man this poster rawks! i understand ur excitement, this year's collections are awesome :D


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