Monday, May 26, 2008

~ Kamen rider SD old rider 1 & 2

These are the latest SD Kamen rider figure which is added into my collections last month. I got them from US. They are indeed very cute and produced by Bandai with the size of about 2" inches tall. I only able to get these kind of SD figures once a blue moon as it is very difficult for me to find them in my country plus the shipping cost from US is usually 10 times more expensive then the value of the figures :( All these riders are the early version of Kamen rider one and two. Hopefully, I can find the Kamen rider Amazon and Stronger as this set is supposed to come with both of them.

Rider one and rider two posing :P

Kamen rider one

Kamen rider two

Kamen rider two (another version)


DWD said...

Yo, im from too but i don't know you know me or not. My name in play is ShooterGarren. Anyways since you are collecting SD KR just to tell you that there is a mini sale in pearl point selling the Den-O ones for rm3 one but i don't know is the same as yours showed here or not. More info can be found in under Toys Sightings.

zehobby said...

wao bro thanks for the news, but i guess the event ended d...sad...anyway i did gab a few units...RM5 each though...


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