Thursday, January 10, 2008

~ Hotwheels Ferrari enzo (Blue)

Again! Enzo is in the list of 2008. According to the news from, this year will have 2 types of enzo! They are normal enzo and tooned enzo! This enzo were relist in year 2007 as thunt and thunt$. I only able to grab the thunt but not the thunt$ which i feel kinda sad as the thunt$ enzo metallic red is awesome! Anyway, back to topic this blue enzo has less details compare to thunt enzo.

The blue colour on this car is really nice! Looks like 2 tones i.e. when you view the car on different angle, you can see different colour like dark blue and light blue!
This car has painted front headlamp, front and side logos but not rear logo! It has black transparent windscreen like black tinted screen and black interior. Oh well, the rims are as usual 5 spoke rims like thunt 2007 enzo. I prefer the 60th anniverssary type of rims and perhaps thunt$ rims :P

This car will looks better if it has painted rear lamps!

It has black base and is made in Malaysia. My last words, its a must have for Hot wheels and Ferrari fans!


Calvin's BLOG !! said...

Haha nice! I just bought it yesterday in 7/11.Same color too! =)

zehobby said...

Calvin, thanks for visiting my blog.... Enzo is a great car!!!


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