Tuesday, January 8, 2008

~ Hotwheels Ford GT40 (2007)

TODAY's new addition is the red Ford GT40 from Hot wheels(HW) stars series . This ford GT40 is the old version of Ford GT. Origin year made of this car by HW is 1999. In year 2007, 2 types of colours were selected for this model i.e. grey and red. While in 2006, it was produced in yellow colour under red line series. However, i skip yellow colour as it was too plain(less painting details). Then, I also notice that the grey version of this car doesn't have signal lamp(orange) on its headlamp.

This car is cool! The white stripes and the "Dunhill red" attracted me the most. The details on this car is quite accurate. It has painted headlamp, door mirrors, additional details on the bonet, doors and engine. Besides that, it has number "22" decal in front and back. It is made by HW(Thailand).

Here are some photos to compare with the new Ford GT produced by matchbox. I noticed that the Ford GT40 is heavier than the new Ford GT produced by mathcbox.


Doomsday said...

Cool GT-40. I still ain't getting that car yet :P

zehobby said...

Hehe, thanks dooms =)

Yvette said...

Any idea what year GT40 that this particular HW is based on?

zehobby said...

Hmm the actual year I am not but from what i googled this Ford was released around 1960's (1967).

Btw, this year colour is orange blue scheme...quite nice!


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