Friday, February 1, 2008

~ Tomica Mitsuoka Orochi

The reason that i bought this car is because it has a very unique and stylish body design. The release of Orochi has replaced the previous No.25 Mitsuoka in TOMICA line. It is very heavy as almost 85% of this car is made of metal except the interior, wheels and windscreen. It doesn't feature any openable doors but has semi "suspension". Its scale is 1/63.

The head lamp of the car is chrome plated and has black stripes which resembles the python eyes. This car has a "smiling face" but at the same time the design looks evil.

The design on the top part of the car is very detail especially the rear engine cover.

Rear lamps are painted. Actually, this car has some tiny wording on both side of its body as well as on the engine cover. However, i am not sure what is the actual word as i cant see cleary on those tiny wording but i guess the word is "Orochi".

The back engine cover is openable! This is the best part compared to other car. The engine is quite detail for a 1/63 model car. Nice! However, you have to prepare a needle to open the engine cover because the cover is very tight!

The base is made from metal which add additional weight to the car ! It was made in China.


aris raptorclans said...

Oh I've always wanted a small Orochi... are these still around?

zehobby said...

yeap, i think takara tomy juz reissue them.

aris raptorclans said...

hey i just got myself one :D


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