Sunday, March 2, 2008

~ HB Transformers movie cliffjumper

This is the latest Transfomers movie figure added to my Transformers collection!! His is Autobot Cliffjumper. Transformers are one of the hottest toys in the universal!!

Cliffjumper featuring Camero concept 2006 in red colour as his Generation 1 colour is red. His mold is actually totally same as movie Bumblebee i.e. it is actually just a repaint of Bumblebee.

In alternative form, the car has no double black stripes compared to Bumblebee but the bonet has some silver decal. Honestly, I prefer this red hot Cliff compared to Bumblebee although my favourite colour is yellow. :P The front lamp,logos and spotlight is painted but the rear lamp is unpainted.

As you can see, the "camaro" emblem is painted in silver. Detail!!

OK!! Autobots transform!! Now let us transform this "hot dude". The door can be opened!! Cool!!

Automorph is the latest new technology implement in the movie series. Automorph allows the figure to transform the other parts itself once you transform a part that is link to automorpIt has only 3 automorph, 1 at back, 1 on both leg and another one on his gun!! I like the automorph feature especially the one on leg.

I had added some silver paintjob on the Cliff's mouth as the original one looks like ninja to me. xD

When you "transform" the gun "head", the gun will changed into a laser sword type weapon.

Cliff standing besides bumblebee.

Now let us see the great detailed details on Cliff. The arms have very great detailed machinenary looks sculpt!!

Some difference i noticed between Cliff and Bumblebee is the detail on belly part. Bumblebee has car license plate compared to Cliff.

Its really a cool Transformers!! Dont miss it!!

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