Sunday, June 8, 2008

~ Fast & furious Acura Integra '94

I got this hot sexy car around 2 weeks ago from a local toy shop while I was trying to hunt for Choro-Q. However, only this model left for me to choose. It is in 1/64 scale and made by Racing Champions in 2002 from fast and the furious series 3.

I like black carbon bonet car. This Integra is one of my favourite sport cars as I like Honda/ Acura very much!!! The headlamps and bumper signal are painted. The bonet is painted in black and the "Acura" logo is printed in between the lamps.

Those wheels are not painted but in red (front wheels) and black (back wheels) as well as the tires are made from plastic . I hope those tires are made from rubber. There are small tiny red " AK" wording printed near the rear rims.

The rear lamps' red colour are the same as the body red colour while the reverse lamps are painted in silver.

The black spoiler is made from black plastic. Besides that, this Integra also have side door mirrors and the interior is quite well made. The red part(Not sure what the part is called) near the sunroof is made from red plastic.

Additional small sports racing brands are printed on the bonet. This car's paintjob is very good compared to small diecast brand such as Maisto, Tomica, Matchbox, Hot wheels. I can say that this car paintjob is as good as those diecast cars produced by Autoart and Kyosho.

As usual, the body is made from die-cast while the case is made from plastic. However, the I am very suprise to found out that the base of this car is quite detail compared to 1/64 Hot wheels, maisto, matchbox and Tomica. The base details can almost match with those 1/18 big scale cars. It was made in China in 2002 by Racing Champions.

Size comparison with other brand: Civic (TOMICA) and Celica(Maisto). All these 3 cars are in 1/64 scale according to their box. I think the Integra is a bit out of scale or too small as you can observe from the photo below.

Hope I am able to find other cars from this series.

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