Saturday, June 21, 2008

~ Tomica Honda NSX-R

Honda NSX-R in sexy beige white !!! It's in 1/59 scale. This NSX is a must have for Honda fans like me !!!

The emblem of this NSX is in red which represent type R while the headlamps are plated with chrome paint looks pretty good on this babe. The black part in front of the bumper is painted with matt black colour to increase the detail on it.

The amount of detail on this car looks good almost identical to real NSX-R. It has black racing rims and suspension. However, this car is fully sealed i.e. no doors or bonet can be opened.

The roof of the car as well as the centre part of the spoiler or wing is painted in gloss black.

The rear lamps of this car is made from transparent red plastic. Luckily it was not painted!!! In order to make this car slightly more detail, I myself had painted the rear reverse lamps in silver. However, I feel very funny when I look at the shapes of exhaust pipes on this babe. I could't modify them as they are made of metal. I hope Tomy can make some tiny hole at the smoke exit point on exhaust pipes in the future for other car.

This NSX was made in China by Tomy and has black base.

Heres come the Type R brothers photo. Hope Tomy will produce Integra Type R as its my favourite Type R.=p

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