Sunday, January 27, 2008

~ Kamen rider SD den-o

Kamen rider(KR) Den-o is the new 2007 kamen rider. Den-o has 4 types of form i.e. sword, rod, axe and gun. The design of this new rider has dissapointed some of the KR fans especially those old generation KR fans. However, i found that this rider exist in the SD form is cute. The design is quite matching in the mini form. I bought these SD riders from ebay Japan. They are in loose condition (2nd hand) as i feel very difficult to find this kind of SD Rider as well as SD Ultraman which I think most probably due to low demand of this kind of toy in Malaysia. Someone in forum has told me that the rider exist in the SD form is very ugly?! Oh well, i don't care so much what they said as long as i like them. They are not a solid figure as the internal part is empty and was produced by Popy,China. If anyone happens to find any SD rider or SD Ultraman please inform me by posting at the chatbox. Thank you!!!

Sword form

Rod form

Axe form

Gun form


Punkticon said...

Mid-Valley megamall's Jusco has some new ones.

zehobby said...

hehe bro thanks, i saw them too :P

zint3000 said...

Midvalley megamall TRU used to have SD rider also, bought SD kiva and den-o there...


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