Saturday, February 28, 2009

~ Tomica Toyota Probox Highway Patrol Car

Finally I found this highway patrol version of Toyota Probox. I have been looking for this car for almost 1 year+. It has 3 different version released in standard Tomica series i.e. normal Probox, police patrol Probox, and highway patrol Probox. Now I am not sure whether I should get the other 2 version. Anyway, the highway patrol version looks the best among the 3 version. It's in 1/57 scale.

Yellow is my favourite colour =)

Nicely painted red and white stripes on bumper. The headlamps are painted in silver on black plastic.

Small Japanese words printed on both side doors. This car has suspension!!!

The rear lamps are painted in red and the bumper is painted in red and white as well but in reverse patent compare to front bumper. However, the rear windscreen is painted not plastic which is a common technique used by Tomy for almost of the Tomica cars. You should this if you happen to it =)

This is the best unique part i.e. the mini sign board can be "opened" to reveal a electronically alike display board. The words are actually stickers.

The rear door is open-able.

The actual Prabox was released in 2002. If I am not mistaken this highway patrol version was released in 2003 by Tomy.


Janus Lu said...

Don't know in Malaysia got this kind of car or not? Hehehe... :)

zehobby said...

Hehe i have seen a van painted like that locally but dont have the sign board on its uncool to me~~~


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