Tuesday, January 27, 2009

~ Hotwheels Acura NSX

Hot Wheels Acura also known as Honda NSX was released as 2008 First Editions (FE) series. It is one great Japanese car to be added into our die-cast collections. It has 3 types of colors i.e. pearl white, metallic black and metallic yellow. Honda fans should not miss this great car!!!

There is a Acura logo located at the hood/ bonet and "Acura" wording on the front windscreen.

I guess M.Cheung is the driver of this car but white and yellow NSX has "Kao" instead. There is "22" on both doors.

The windscreen of this car is transparent red, a perfect matching color with black. I like this colour compared to the other 2 colors. Besides that, it has a nice, sporty spoiler and chrome interior.

The exhaust pipes are in chrome finishing. Cool looking!!!

It has grey plastic base and was made in Malaysia.


Janus Lu said...

Huh? Made in Malaysia? So is the price cheap also? Btw, I like the car design, nice haul man. :)

zehobby said...

Erm last year was RM5.90 for hotwheels =)....but early this year increase to RM6.50....

Janus Lu said...

Ooo...now everything also increase...normal mah...T_T


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