Friday, February 8, 2008

~ HB Silver surfer wave 2

This Silver surfer(SS) figure is actually produced based on the 2007 Fantastic 4: Rise of Silver surfer movie. He is one of my favourite Marvel heroes besides Spiderman. He is cool in silver colour and has special galactic powers! Actually, his body is in chrome colour. He doesn't has any weapon but a surfing board. It is a must have figure in your Marvel heroes collections!

The head sculpt is very detail and has real human face looks! This Wave 2 SS has white painted eyes compared to the Wave 1 SS.

The features:
  • Maker: Hasbro
  • Year of released: 2007
  • Wave 2 (Second edition)
  • 5" tall
  • 16 points of articulations
  • 1 COOL surfing board

Wave 2 silver surfer(SS) has new body sculpt especially abdomen muscle. The previous Wave 1 SS has vertical abdomen muscle's design.

Now, this surfing board is the main selling point for this wave 2 SS as it has different base(Flame emit type). It is quite long as you can see it is longer than a 15cm ruler.

This surfing board actually has pull-back actions! i.e. it will move forward if u pull it backwards and release it. Great! The design of this board is quite detail as you can there is "flame emitted" design below the board. The front wheels is made of plastic while the 2 back wheels tire are made from rubbers.

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