Friday, February 15, 2008

~ TRU Q old london bus

Hehe, finally i found something that i like a lot!!!!! Its the mini cute(Q) version of old london/ double decker bus. I grabbeb it without further thought as Toys "R" Us(TRU) was having promotion.
Actually, I saw this bus last year but didn't really go and check it out. This bus is specially made by for Toys "R" Us. This mean that u can't find it in other places except TRU.


  • Production Year: 2005
  • Material: Plastic + rubber tires!
  • Size: 5.5cm (Lenght) & 5 cm (Height)
  • Has pull-back action!
  • Very detail!
As you can see, almost every part of the bus is painted to produce ample of tiny details! I don't have to add additional painjob and detailing on it. It has painted headlamp, rear lamp, tiny spotlight, TRU logo and black tiny signboards. Cool!! The red body is made from plastic.

The bonnet of the bus can be opened and reveal the engine ! I got a shock for a such detail feature in this Q bus. Great design!!

The TRU logo in English and Chinese characters are painted on both sides. I like the detail on the rims the most as its superbly detail!! However the black windows is not transparent but painted in glossy black. You may click to enlarge the photo to see more details especially the tiny blackboard!

It has black base and was made in China. Some black rubber tires has changed to pale grey colour after some time. I like this cute bus a lot!!

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