Thursday, January 3, 2008

~ My collections

Basically, my collections consist of cars, heroes figurines and robotics.

I started to collect Kamen rider toys since i was young as a little kid.
Early last year (2007), i have upgraded myself to collect a bigger and more detail Kamen rider figure known as S.I.C (Super imagainative chogokin). I have collected a few types of riders but not limited S.I.C as they are too pricey for me. The riders in my current collections are Black RX, The first, Ryuki series, Blade series, Faiz series , Agito series and other classic riders such as Amazon , V3 and riderman. I hope Bandai can release super one, RX bioform and redesign black.

Here are part of my tiny SD gundam gashapon collections.
The new series(custom) are way too cool for me as they are customizable i.e. you can exchage parts such as head,hands and weapons from one another! They are cute and playable too!

I only display my die-cast cars collections when they are loose especially Hot wheels.
Usually, i will keep those small cars in mint on card(MOC) condition to prevent from dust and to protect the paint. However, sometimes i will opened some cars to have a look and feel(touch) .

I like to collect Transformers(TF) but my collections is considered as puny compared to real Transformers fans. So far, my collections only consist of binaltech, galaxy force, movie and titanium series.

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