Sunday, January 27, 2008

~ Kamen rider SD den-o

Kamen rider(KR) Den-o is the new 2007 kamen rider. Den-o has 4 types of form i.e. sword, rod, axe and gun. The design of this new rider has dissapointed some of the KR fans especially those old generation KR fans. However, i found that this rider exist in the SD form is cute. The design is quite matching in the mini form. I bought these SD riders from ebay Japan. They are in loose condition (2nd hand) as i feel very difficult to find this kind of SD Rider as well as SD Ultraman which I think most probably due to low demand of this kind of toy in Malaysia. Someone in forum has told me that the rider exist in the SD form is very ugly?! Oh well, i don't care so much what they said as long as i like them. They are not a solid figure as the internal part is empty and was produced by Popy,China. If anyone happens to find any SD rider or SD Ultraman please inform me by posting at the chatbox. Thank you!!!

Sword form

Rod form

Axe form

Gun form

Saturday, January 26, 2008

~ MB Lotus Exige

Lotus is one of universal well known sport racing car. Matchbox had produced this car in 2006 and sold in the year 2007 which has 2 types of colour i.e. metallic yellow and green. In 2008, it is produced in blue metallic colour. Currently, i have all those 3 colour in my collection but i hope Matchbox will produce it in red which i think red is more matching to this sexy car. The scale of this car is 1/56 but is almost same size with other 1/64 car which means it is smaller than other car in real life.

Matchbox had done a good job on this model. It has painted head lamp, spot light. Engine covers are painted in black. Besides that, the car also has door mirrors. The spoiler and rims are made from black plastic.

This car has a semi black front windscreen but has no left and right windscreen.

The only bad point for this car i.e. the rear lamp is not painted.

It is made in Thailand and has a black plastic base.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

~ Tomica Lamborghini Mucielago

Lamborghini Murcielago is one of my favourite Eropean exotic car. Many die-cast company had produced this model. However non of the manufacture produce a good quality car with resonable price. Autoart had produced this model in very high quality 1/64 scale but the price is quite high for an economic collector such as me. Finally, i able to grab it made by TOMY a.ka. tomica which has good quality and a resonable price tag.

TOMY had produced this lambo in metallic orange colour but i hope Tomy will produce it in yellow as well. It is in 1/62 scale and the finishing paintjob for this car is smooth. It has painted head lamps and real lamps. Besides that, the logo is painted on the bonet while the word " lamborghini" is painted at real part. The best part of this car is I don't have to add any additional paintjob on it! Great!

The bad point for this model in tomica line is that it doesn't feature any opening doors, bonet, or engine cover may due to too many "curving" design. Then, the rims design doesn't match well with this car and doesn't has door mirrors.

The engine cover is painted in black. Oh well, the engine for lamborghini is usually located at back.

OK, I had juz discovered some changes which had made to new tomica series i.e. it has suspension! Oh man, 1/62 scale car has suspension! DO you dare to challenge me by pressing your Hot wheels or Matchbox car ? Actually, Tomy does produce other 1/59-1/64 car which has supension from Tomy limited series but is more costly.

It was made in China and has black base.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

~ MB Double decker

Double decker Bus a.k.a. London bus! This is the first bus model in my vehicle collection.
I like this bus a lot as it is a twin layer bus. Its kinda hard to get this bus in Kuala Lumpur which I had search many times around most of the major toy stores and hypermarkets in order to hunt it down. However, i still failed to search it. Thanks to my online friend. I am able to get this baby and really appreaciate his effort to help me search for it outside KL. :) This bus was produced by matchbox in 2007 and has 2 types of colour i.e. blue and red. So far, red is the most common colour. In 2008, it was released in gold colour as anniversary edtion. I didn't realize that matchbox is also produce by mattel which is the same company as Hot wheels. Anyway, I still prefer red colour as it looks more "original/natural". The bus has black rims i.e. unpainted rims and body is fully made from metals except the windows, rims and base. It is the heaviest small die-cast vehicle in my collection! I have to keep this bus in the card as it is very hard find.

Let us have a closer and clearer looks at the tampo.

It has black plastic base and made in Thailand.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

~ SHS kamen rider Kaixa

Kamen rider a.k.a. Masked rider is one of the most popular suheroes around the world. Of course, I am one of the big fans of Kamen rider. Today i am goin to show an interesting Kamen
rider Kaixa SHS figure. SHS is actually stands for "souchaku henshin series". It means that this type of figure is made from combination of plastic + die-cast and can transform. Transform?Yeap, one of the unique feature of this figure is able to transform from human to Kamen rider.

The features:
  • Maker: Bandai
  • Year of released: 2003
  • Material: Made from die-cast + plastic
  • Height: Approx. 5 inches
  • Playability: Good!
  • Accessories: Ample of weapons!

The rider can equip all his weapons on his body!
The hands and back design of the rider is very detail!
The fingers is movable i.e. index and middle fingers move together while rinf and baby fingers move together but the thumb is non-movable.

As you can see there are many weapons given in this set as well as the brief case.
Slight dissapoinment about the "sword". The beam saber cannot extend but Bandai provided us with additional sword that is already extended.

I like the rider phone the most as its very detail for a 13mm mini mobile phone. Impressive!
Oh well, the phone exist in 3 forms for this figure as shown in the photo below.

Nice! Nice! The weapons can be fitted into the brief case like in the movie.

So far I feels the Kaixa's human head is the most handsome one. xD
He has dark brown,short hair style. However, I feel that the human head is too small compare to the overall body size.

Body armor and rider belt are made of die-cast metal which make the figure becomes heavier and feels more solid.

Friday, January 11, 2008

~ Hotwheels Thunt$ brutalistic

Starting from 2007 and onwards, there will be 2 types of "treasure" in Hot wheels i.e. normal and super thunt. The word "Thunt" identify the normal thunt while "Thunt$" identify super thunt is stated on the green label of the card. The production of thunt especially thunt$ is very limited. This means that we have to hunt them down. I personally think that the symbol "$" used on the card means its valuable or we have to spend more $ on it as they are 2 types of thunt for a single treasure hunt.

The first thing that i like thunt$ is because of their shiny paintjob! Its not chrome or metallic but looks a bit like "oily" transparent paint. Very nice! Then, the application of rubber tyres on thunt$ makes the car looks more realistic! However, the disadvantage of rubber tyre is the car's movement speed is greatly reduced compared to plastic tyres. In other words, its not suitable to race on tracks but more sutable to be a display item. If compared to normal thunt, the car doesn't have shiny paint job and rubber wheels.

Brutalistic has very sleek body design and "fire" decals on its body. You can see some wordings as additional decals from the side of its body while "B$" on its front part. Besides that, the rims design is different compared to usual hot wheels. The rims now are really in 3-Dimensional shape(3D). Perfect rims!

Thunt brutalistic has a brown and detail base. Its made in Malaysia.

The most intesting parts about Thunt$ is Hot wheels use the combination of rubber and chrome rims to make tyres. As you can see in the photos below, the rubber can be taken out. The rims looks almost identical to real life rims! Besides that, the rubber has some patterns or "flower" on it. Nice!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

~ Hotwheels Ferrari enzo (Blue)

Again! Enzo is in the list of 2008. According to the news from, this year will have 2 types of enzo! They are normal enzo and tooned enzo! This enzo were relist in year 2007 as thunt and thunt$. I only able to grab the thunt but not the thunt$ which i feel kinda sad as the thunt$ enzo metallic red is awesome! Anyway, back to topic this blue enzo has less details compare to thunt enzo.

The blue colour on this car is really nice! Looks like 2 tones i.e. when you view the car on different angle, you can see different colour like dark blue and light blue!
This car has painted front headlamp, front and side logos but not rear logo! It has black transparent windscreen like black tinted screen and black interior. Oh well, the rims are as usual 5 spoke rims like thunt 2007 enzo. I prefer the 60th anniverssary type of rims and perhaps thunt$ rims :P

This car will looks better if it has painted rear lamps!

It has black base and is made in Malaysia. My last words, its a must have for Hot wheels and Ferrari fans!


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