Wednesday, January 23, 2013

~ Transformers Prime Arm Micron AM-29 Shockwave Robot mode (Part 2)

This is the Takara Tomy version of Shockwave. Hasbro released it as the Generation series. It is classified as deluxe class. Takara version provided a sheet of stickers for both Shockwave and his arm micron. The below images shown Shockwave without the stickers. I think put the stickers the figure will look nicer. I will do it when I have the proper time. Sticking stickers require time and good patience as well as skills.

Front view. I like this mold of Shockwave. The design is faithful to the G1 design. The purple color tone is just nice. Hasbro version is dark purple color. 

He is really pose-able, can do many action pose. 

Power wave !!!

Aye aye sir !!! 

Clear translucent pink eyes. 

Monday, January 21, 2013

~ Transformers Arm Micron AM-29 Shockwave (Part 1)

Box art. It looks good !!!

Front view. 

Side view. 

Back view. 

Bottom view. 

Arm micron part. 

This is the arm micron. It looks like a KABUTO beetle to me. 

Gun mode. 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

~ What is COD ?

Do you feel familiar with this term? It is actually short form for CASH ON DELIVERY which means make payment by cash on the spot. It is usually applied when you purchase a product. You may often see this term in the internet especially online selling website or online trade market like eBay. You might need to meet up the seller a other location in order to collect your stuff. I highly recommend COD if you are going to purchase from unknown seller or if the transaction value is high. However, always make sure that you choose a safe place to continue the trading. During COD, you have the chance to have a view on the actual item conditions. You can check the item if the seller allow you to do so.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

~ Collecting Toys as investment ?

    Some people thinks that collecting toy is very childish. Other people treat it is a hobby while some buying toys for investment. I have been collecting toys since I was young.
    I started to know how to take care of toys when I was around 6 years or 7 years old. Those days, my parent only bought small die cast cast and LEGO for my bro and I. LEGO is fun to played with family or alone. I remember that my dad will help my bro and I to assemble the bigger sets like air port and restaurant. LEGO is not that expensive that time. The big airport set also cost less than RM200. Nowadays, I think you will have to pay at least RM350. Later, I started to collect Gundam when I was about age 11. My parent bought me a Master Grade when I was 12. Those days don't have special toy shop that sell cheaper Gundam. We end up paid a lot more expensive at local departmental store which is about double the price of Japan retail yen price.
    Toys changes a lot within these 20 years in terms of quality and prices. Let us talk about prices of toys. I believe that almost all the toys price have raised up to a few fold in the last 20years. For example, Hotwheels last time around RM4 each but nowadays cost RM7.50. While the basic Lego vehicle set is around RM29 but now is at least RM49 or more. Is it worth paying extra? I think it will be based on your personal opinion. Price goes up but toy manufacturer does improve the overall looks of the toys especially action figures. You might want to check out S.H.Figuarts release by Bandai. The improvement of the details and joints of the figure is very good. But of course, the price is about 4 times higher compared to old release action figure like power rangers.
    Now let us look at another perspective in terms of quality. I think old toys has better quality. Those vintage toys were made from more durable materials which you can rarely see the toy break apart. I still can remember some of my toy plastic outer layer plastic chipped off but it wont break. My only Transformers Road Caesar which I played until all the stickers worn but the plastic is still OK and joints are still tight. The new Transformers released these few years starts from the movie line, the toys plastic are not that durable and prone to breakage. You can easily see stress marks on the plastic when you apply some force during transformation. I bought a leader class Ironhide last year. The pull for action tab "auto" broke off when I was removing the Ironhide from the box. It really disappointing me. A toy that cost me RM150 has such bad quality.
    I started become very active in collecting toys since year 2007 after I found out online toy forums that discuss about all sort of toys. The "poison of collecting" slowly injected into my body. I was exposed to different toys especially Transformers, SIC, and Hotwheels. Then, I start buying many toys whenever I saw toy news updates. Of course, that time I start to work part time before I enroll into high school. Until now, I only realize that actually I have overspent on toys.
    I have seen some collectors collect a lot of toy but end up sell all their collections after their marriage. Some of them manage to earn extra after selling their collections. Some value of the toys do rise up when the toy manufacturer no longer produce them. Some people still keeping them if their wife allow them to continue collect toys. I really admire those toy collector's wife or girl friend that do not stop them from collecting the toys. They still have the freedom to collect what they want. I can see some of the benefits of collecting toys is that you won't simply spend money on outing like clubbing. Some people spent a lot on wine and beer. You may resell the toy in future if you do not wish to collect it in future. Collecting toys is fun and can cheer up your life. I do not play with my toy now, but admiring them in the display cabinet. Oh well of course, you can disagree with my statement. Life is yours, you may choose what you want to do.

~ Transformers Prime Weaponizer Bumblebee

Final Comments:- 
  1. He has big size almost same as leader class movie series.
  2. Has light gimmick function but no sounds.
  3. Additional details on the body compared to deluxe class,
  4. Small gun that doesn't match with size of the body.
  5. No articulations on waist and feet which are very important.
  6. No wrist joints.
  7. He has less hollow and not so obvious back kibble.
  8. Lastly, he has shoulder Gatling gun gimmick that can really spins !!!
  9. I don't think it is worth to get him at retail price. He has the size of leader class but articulations are lesser than a deluxe class. You can consider getting him at RM100-120.


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