Tuesday, July 17, 2012

~ Collector's terms: What is MISB, MIB and BIB?

I am writing this article based on my experience on collecting toys and other collectors. I have seen many people asked the terms like MISB, MIB and BIB. These are basically short forms used by collectors to describe condition of an item mostly for toys. So, what does these terms means? It is shown as the following.

  1. MISB = Mint in sealed box. Item is brand new, box is still sealed with manufacturer tape or plastic bag. Some people may use MOSC (Mint on sealed card) which is has the similar meaning to MISB. The difference between MISB and MOSC is MISB is for toy packed in a box while MOSC is for toy sealed on a card like Hotwheels car. Mostly single tape but Bandai toys nowadays have a few re-tape marks.
  2. MIB = Mint in box. The box is opened for checking the content. The item can sometimes be considered as BIB for some people like item was used for photo shooting.
  3. BIB = Back in box. It is mostly use for describing the toys were used and kept back into the box. Check to make sure everything is complete or any defective parts before purchase the item.
  4. LOOSE = It means no box. This is the most "dangerous" description. It is highly advisable for you to do basic research for the specific toy before you purchase the item such as accessories and parts on the main toy. Check and ensure no missing or broken parts.

I highly recommend you to check the toys thoroughly before purchase. I have had very bad experience with a purchased of BIB toy. I trust the person so did not check on the spot of the deal. In the end, I got a defective SIC Masked Rider figure with broken joints. The seller do not admit the toy was faulty and accuse me broke the figure !!! Do not trust anyone, but always check the item properly.

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