Wednesday, March 30, 2011

~ Kaiyodo Revoltech Megatron (Part 1)

Here is another great oldies but goodies figure that I would recommend to you all. The Megatron produce by Revoltech. It has very good articulations and sculpt. Great for extreme poses !!! However, this figure cannot transform.

Megatron is fully painted except the joints. The shiny metallic silver really make it looks more outstanding !!! He has very good G1 looks just like in the animation or cartoon.

The Earth is mine !!!

A closer look on the chest details.

Kame-hame ha pose :P

More to come......

Sunday, March 27, 2011

~ Super Tokusatsu Toy Collector

To all toy and non-toy collectors you may check this video out. This Japanese owns 20 thousands of figures including real size costumes!!!

~ SD Gundam Impulse All Forms (Gashapon)

Woohoo!!! Finally completed all my SD Gundam Impulse forms. They took me almost 3 years+ to complete it. I found the Blast form from an online store and immediately ordered it last month but have to buy it with others MS in that set.

Friday, March 25, 2011

~ Hotwheels & Matchbox Haul (march 2011)

I accidentally found these few cars when I was searching for Transformers. I found out that this new HW wave is cool as most the cars are in yellow. My favourite color. Haha. Those cars released in this wave are cool as well. There are Ferrari, Lamborghini, Police edition Corvette and Hummer in this wave. I saw orange Reventon but I give it a pass. Reventon fans dont miss it. ;)

Renault Megane version (2011 premier) in metallic yellow. I like the cool custom skirting. Keep up the good works Mattel !!! I want more !!!

This car makes me want to search for the last year released Citroen. ~

Ferrari 458 Italia (2010) in solid yellow.

Matchbox Shelby Cobra 427 S/C in metal polish finishing. I better keep it in card as I notice my Ford GT with this finishing as well get oxidized already :(

Yes!!! Finally found a matchbox mold for this car. I already have 5 different variants of HW. All of them have the double stripes. :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

~ ROTF and HFTD Optimus Prime Custom By J C Sum

I found another great painting customizer of Transformers by J C Sum. This guy works are mostly on Optimus Prime. His finished painted masterpieces are almost looks like statues to me and rarely see people custom paint the Legend class TF. Click the following for more details.

LINK >>> J C Sum Flickr (Direct to 3rd party website)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

~ Lego Gundam

Do you like Gundam and Lego at the same time? Well, I got a great stuff for you. I accidentally found this Japanese blog while searching for Azieru. This guy is definately very creative. Check out the following blog definitely will surprise you. ;)

LINK >>> Lego Gundam (Direct to 3rd party website)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

~ HG Zectrooper Gashapon (Shadow Version)

I quite like this figure. It is from the Kabuto HG series gashapon cost at 200 Yen each. I got it from Japan by purchasing a set. There are 3 variants. Other 2 are Neotrooper and Zectrooper without the double gold lining on the side. I wish to get the other 2 as well but have to buy another 2 sets? Each set comes with one type of trooper.

A close up view on the gun.

The arms can move.

The best feature of this figure is he can kneel down !!!

Shoot in the matrix style. This figure has quite many playability or poseability. I like it.

Zectrooper:" I also can Trooper kick !!!"

Slash !!!~

Zabee:" Who killed my army?"

Friday, March 11, 2011

~ Transformers United Jazz

I guess this month I over spend on toys already ==". I really need to control myself since its still early March. Any good way to share with me on how to resist in spending??? Anyway, I feel lucky and unlucky at the same time. I still can get the United Jazz !!! It was released last month but I still havent have the time to buy it yet that time. The bad news is I paid slightly higher than the suppose retail price of RM85-89 as the bos of the toyshop told me Jazz is sold out already at Japan and stop production. Hmm, I not really sure about that. Jazz is my favourite TF character so this mold is must have for me. This version has great articulations as well. In case you dont wish to spend RM80+ for this figure, you may opt to get the Hasbro version. The main difference is the Takara United version is pure white color, Hasbro's is slightly bech color cost at RM59. I am still hunting for Tracks as well. Upcoming of United TF is really tempting me to buy more.....I faint ~~~

The biodata.

Very nice box art. Jazz in rage.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

~ How to Identify Bootleg Nendoroid

Please support original !!! Don't buy fake / counterfeit/ bootleg/ KO products. I found a very useful guide for Nendoroid collectors or buyers to identity fake Nendoroid. Thanks to Project:nyoro~n for compiling this guide. Just take extra cautions when getting "Hot" and Limited Nendoroid especially when you found a cheap deal. Good things never come cheap. Click the following link for more details.

Link >>> Project:nyoro~n (Direct to 3rd party website)


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