Tuesday, July 29, 2008

~ Tomica Limited Mini Cooper (yellow)

This is my first Tomica limited car i.e. Mini Cooper. I finally can find it as i miss it 3 years ago during my secondary schooling. However, I cant spot any of the red Coopers :(

TOMICA LIMITED!!! As you can see from the back of the box, many companies have been involve in producing Tomica limited series.

Their packaging is simple yet nice. First of all, you need to remove the stickers first on both right and left with help of "cutter". Then, you can pull the tranparent layer towards the left or right.

After that, you have to becareful when taking out the car from the box. You have to use your hand to cover the car to avoid your car slip off and shake box towards down so that the car holder plastic can come out as pic shown below.

Here, you have to becareful as well as the car is not "lock" or tied to the plastic holder. The Mini Cooper plate at the plastic holder is made of metal. Cool!!!

There is no parts seperation in the front (All joint metal parts). All the front front details are painted except the number plate "Mini Cooper" is stick with a chrome sticker.. There is a small mini "Mini" logo in front on the bonnet .

The details !!! I really like the details as this small Cooper has the details almost similar to 1/18 scale die-cast cars. However, it doesn't has any doors or boot that can be opened but i still has suspension.

The back lamps are painted close to real Cooper's lamps. The third brake light on the top is painted in red as well while the back number plate is stick with a chrome sticker. I didn't add any additional detailing paintjob on this baby. Really amazing details!!!

Let us take a closer look!!! Heres is the main point for collectors who like small toy car with real details. As you can see from the photo below, this Cooper has Door mirrors and the "mirror" is painted in silver.

The top of is painted with glossy black!!! Cool!!!

This MIni Cooper was produced by Tomy China, 2004. The base is also made from metal which makes the car heavy and solid.

Any points that you must buy Tomica limited series is that the rims are similar with the real Mini Cooper's rims.

The tires have "flower" on their surface like real car!!!

Here are all the yellow mini Coopers that i have in my collection. From left to right are 1/72 Hongwell, real toy and Tomica limited Mini Cooper.

A happy family photo session :)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

~ Tomica New Honda Fit

The brand new Honda Fit a.k.a. Jazz in Malaysia. I was hoping that I could stop buying Tomica due to recent price hike. However, I know I cant resist after this new Fit was released in Malaysia. The colour and design are brilliant!!! I always like Honda car design as they always make their car as unique as possible compared to other car manufacturer. This new Honda Fit is actually a replacement of previous old Honda Fit in pink colour which is also numbered "100".

The cool "electric" metallic blue really match this car and make everyone loves it!!! Even the sales promoter said the colour is very nice for this car!!!

The headlamps are painted in chrome and there is a small tiny Honda logo at the grill. The black portions in front are painted in matt black.

The sides doors are all sealed. The black parts are painted in matt black. This 1/60 scale car also has suspension!!!

The rear lamps are painted in red with cool design signal lamps while the rear windscreen are actually painted with glossy black!!! A small tiny Honda logo and "Fit" wording are painted at boot.

The boot can be opened. Nice!!!

Made by TOMICA, CHINA in 2008.

Monday, July 7, 2008

~ Majorette Peugeot 407

Hoho this my latest Majorette die-cast bought 2 days ago, Peugeot 407. For almost more than 10 years didn't buy any Majorette car since my childhood age. Majorette was my favourite die-cast brand last time. Majorette mostly focus on France's brand car as the manufacture company itself was based in France last time but now is based at Thailand. Quality wise, France indeed produce better quality. Nowadays, new Majorette die-cast has become lighter as the new base is made from plastic. However, those reissue old Majorette die-cast car is still made from metal for both the body and base of the car. Selection of paintjob is a big issue during the purchase of a Majorette car as they has bad quality control for most of the cars but not all. I would put the quality control of die-cast brand within the same price range as below:

Tomica>> Matchbox >> Hotwheels / Maisto>> Majorette

The scale of this car is 1/61 and it actually has pearl gold colour instead of brown shown by my photo.

Peugeot 407 has very class looks and is sporty. The logo and headlamp of this car are painted. The black portion at the bumper is made from black plastic.

Majorette has produced their die-cast with door mirrors. Those rims are very well-match with this baby.

The rear lamp and the emboss "Lion" logo are painted. Its really amazing that Majorette is able to produce such tiny logo. This car has "carrier link" or "connecter link" at the back of the bumper as you can see on the photo below. Majorette does come out some "twin-pack" edition with "cargo"set to let the car carry but the price is more than price of 2 cars!!!

It has black detail plastic base and was made in Thailand.

I still have a few more Majorette cars. Stay tune for the reviews especially Majorette lovers!!! =)


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