Saturday, July 18, 2015


Finally, added this Convoy mold in my collection. This is TOKYO TOY SHOW 2015 LIMITED version. The united series has released two times including a rerun for TAKARA TOMY version of orginal color Optimus Prime but the color scheme of United version doesn't suit my taste especially the gray part. So, I skipped red version. However, the black version is totally awesome. I almost click buy it now at eBay early this year for the TFCC version but luckily I hold back as the TFCC version cost about USD120-150 including shipping to Malaysia. That's a "boom" price tag for a deluxe figure. I am happy to get this black convoy at affordable price. I prefer this color scheme and looks more mean compared to Hasbro TFCC version. The metallic teal color is always a trademark of Nemesis prime. I am not sure why they call this Black convoy instead of Nemesis prime or SCOURGE as in G2. This version carries the G2 logo. The articulations are awesome. It has waist joint, feet joints and double wrist joints which most TF figures don't have. Another great Transformer that you should not miss. This is the 7th Nemesis Prime in my collection. I am still searching for the mammoth version of Nemesis prime. Regretted that I did not purchased the Beast Mammoth last time.


         This is one of the best Megatron released so far. The size,color and design of robot mode is close to G1 mode except of its alternate mode is battle tank. I like the silver painting on this figure which gives it a luxury feel. Then, the face sculpt is almost similar to G1 Homage. Excellent ! I must say. I love big size transformers figures.
         This LG13 Megatron is standing at almost 10" tall as a leader class figure. It looks perfectly fine when display at beside of MP10 Optimus Prime or MP Soundwave. It has all the basic leader class joints. I can see improvement of this figure is his head can look up ! Besides that, not much visible hollow space can be seen on this figure and the back kibble is neat.  One of the downside is his feet limited feet joint. How nice if he has feet joints that can swivel left or right for better action pose. The Hasbro and TAKARA TOMY version has not much major difference. The Hasbro version has more red parts particulary on the shoulder, joints and bullet. I still recommend to get TAKARA TOMY version which is more G1 accurate in terms of color if you don't mind spending a little bit more extra. I will take more photos when I have more time to explore this figure. :) A must have ! Don't miss it.


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