Sunday, March 30, 2008

~ HB Star Wars Q Darth Vader

Welcome to the Dark Force!!! Hehe, I got this cute Darth Vader figure which is my first Star Wars toys or collectibles figure last year when Toys "R" Us was having some year end stock clearance sale. I got it at 70% off the retail price. It's from the Super D (Deformed) series. It's quite pricey to buy it at the normal retail price but its quality is very good in term of the material and paintjob. Besides that, it also has extra features compared to other toys. Hope that I am able to find Storm Troopers.

The features:

-Maker: Hasbro
-Year of released: 2005
-4.5" tall
-Sounds (3 types)
-Included 3 LR44 batteries

This figure has a mixture of semi gloss black and matte black paintjob. The semi gloss paintjob gives this figure a more luxurious looks!!! The black matte Cape has 7 tiny holes on it which allow the sounds to come out from it.

This little Darth Vader is actually just a static figure which is used for displaying purpose. I thought its hands were adjustable but they are not which is quite disappointing.

Check out the great details on this figure!!! All the painted tiny buttons have their own respective "bulging" shape unlike other toys that just mainly use paint to indicate their details. All these tiny details have became one of the "magnet"which attracted me to buy this Darth Vader besides its cute shape. Cute but cool!!!

The beam saber light up simultaneously with the Darth Vader sounds (voice) when you touch the 2 terminals at the Darth Vader bottom. The light saber actually lights brighter than the photo that I shown below. It will flash according to the sounds.

Here are the 2 chrome terminals that I mentioned just now which are located at the upper part ( left and right) in the following photo. It's made in China by Hasbro and Tomy.

Friday, March 21, 2008

~ BD Evangelion Character figure

Here are my very first Evangelion related figures which I got it last week at warehouse sales. Actually, I was supposed to get some cheap gundams but end up dissapointed as all the goodies were gone before I arrived at the sales. Luckily I am able to get this set of cute figures from Evangelion @ school series at half price (retail 200yen each) but it was not a complete set. The character from left to right are Shinji Ikari, Asuka Langley Soryu, Rei Ayanami, Misato Katsuragi. However. this set still lack of Gendo Ikari, NERV Supreme Commander. Anyway, these figures looks cute and have great paint job. Their "anime" eyes are very detail !! They are actually phone straps with a small piece of plastic plate (can write something at its back) . Besides that, Bandai used matt paint instead of glossy paint to paint these figures which can prevent the figure from "melting" i.e. figure become sticky after keeping for long time. Great job!!

I found this character evaluating games while I was searching for Evangelion character's name and i am Shinji!! xD So, which Evangelion character are you?!
Which Evangelion character are you?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

~ thunt chrysler 300c 08

Woohoo!! Finally, I am able to find and see many thunt in front of me i.e. thunt 300c. Although they are not thunt$ but I still feel happy. Hope one day I am able to get the rubber tyre version as almost all my friend found 1 thunt$ 300c already. Chrysler 300c has black top with green body. Really nice!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

~ HB Transformers movie cliffjumper

This is the latest Transfomers movie figure added to my Transformers collection!! His is Autobot Cliffjumper. Transformers are one of the hottest toys in the universal!!

Cliffjumper featuring Camero concept 2006 in red colour as his Generation 1 colour is red. His mold is actually totally same as movie Bumblebee i.e. it is actually just a repaint of Bumblebee.

In alternative form, the car has no double black stripes compared to Bumblebee but the bonet has some silver decal. Honestly, I prefer this red hot Cliff compared to Bumblebee although my favourite colour is yellow. :P The front lamp,logos and spotlight is painted but the rear lamp is unpainted.

As you can see, the "camaro" emblem is painted in silver. Detail!!

OK!! Autobots transform!! Now let us transform this "hot dude". The door can be opened!! Cool!!

Automorph is the latest new technology implement in the movie series. Automorph allows the figure to transform the other parts itself once you transform a part that is link to automorpIt has only 3 automorph, 1 at back, 1 on both leg and another one on his gun!! I like the automorph feature especially the one on leg.

I had added some silver paintjob on the Cliff's mouth as the original one looks like ninja to me. xD

When you "transform" the gun "head", the gun will changed into a laser sword type weapon.

Cliff standing besides bumblebee.

Now let us see the great detailed details on Cliff. The arms have very great detailed machinenary looks sculpt!!

Some difference i noticed between Cliff and Bumblebee is the detail on belly part. Bumblebee has car license plate compared to Cliff.

Its really a cool Transformers!! Dont miss it!!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

~ BD Ultraman Tiga

"Here comes the Hero of Light!!! "

Ultraman Tiga is one of my favourite new generation Ultraman besides Gaia. I got this Ultraman figure from a Japanese through ebay, Japan last month. It was his vintage collection as it is made in 1998 . I am really happy that this figure is still in mint condition!! It stands at 5" tall and has transparent eyes. Besides that, it has superb detailed details!! In these few years, Bandai also has released this type of Ultraman figures under the series of Ultimate solid (UTS) . Anyway, I missed out the earlier UTS released as up to date Bandai has released UTS till series 4.

Let us take a closer look on those details :)


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