Saturday, December 31, 2011

~ GBWC The Strike of Zeon Force

This is another huge diorama. The mobile suits are in 1/100 scale.

Gelgoog stand on seaside or port? The sea in deep blue color might looks better. The paint job and choice of color on Gelgoog could be improved better.

I like this capture part. The half GM body grab by Gelgoog with huge left hand.

Another overall shot.

The back view.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

~ S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Kuuga Ultimate

Recently, Bandai just reissued this Ultimate Kuuga. However, I got mine during first released. Ultimate Kuuga is one of the coolest form of Kamen Rider with sharp pointed armor and he his tallest among my Figuarts !!! He is heavy too !!!

Despite Ultimate Kuuga does not has weapon, Bandai provides us with more pairs of hands. However, I don't like the fist. They are small and round which is out of scale.

Black eyes Kuuga the evil form which appeared in Decade series.

Back view.

Two different mask with different color eyes provided.

This is what you get after removed the face, the steel mask rider xD

Details on the belt is extremely detail !!!

Details on the legs. He has die-cast feet.

Details on back armor.

Tiny details on side belt gadget. Impressive !!!

Overall, this is a must get figure for Figuarts collector. The details are great and figure is solid. The only bad sides on this figure are standing stability issue and the gold lining on the body is uneven. That is why I don't pose much with this figure as I forgot to bring my stage act stands.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

~ GBWC Grand Champion Custom Kshatriya Diorama

This is one of the best masterpiece that I had taken many shots of photos. The real champion of GBWC. The Kshatriya is fully customized. The diorama looks great too. Let the photos tell the thousand words !!!

The gun equipped with red LED. Check out the melting effects.

Let us have a closer look on the body of Kshatriya. The details and paint job are simply amazing !!!

The details on legs.

The huge back pack.

Another angle.

The paint job especially weathering is perfect !!!

~ GBWC Winners Results OUT !!!

Finally, the GBWC Winners results are out !!! Firstly, I would like congratulates to all winners especially our country, Malaysia open category as the winner of open category !!! Top winners will receive limited edition gold, silver chrome, bronze plated MG Full Armor Unicorn !!!


Champion - Malaysia
2nd - Hong Kong
3rd - Japan


Champion - China
2nd - Taiwan
3rd - Hong Kong

You can view full results here:-
Club-Gunpla Facebook

Saturday, December 24, 2011

~ MG Full Armor Unicorn Gundam

Gundam Unicorn in Full armor (FA) version. Besides from extra weapons, the usual pink parts on the Gundam is now in green color. Looks not bad. This version actually released before in GFFN series.

The "turbo" back pack can be used as Gundam carrier in space?

Check out the size of the box !!! Its really thick !!!

Other Unicorn model kits.

Hopefully, when it arrives Malaysia won't be too expensive.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

~ Fake Bootleg NECA 1/4 Predator

Recently, I just found out from a forum that fake or bootleg Neca 1/4 Predator already available in the market !!! Please be aware. This bootleg are not cheap according to the purchaser which is higher than actual authentic product retail price. I did pre-order this but there is not enough supply for the market so I am unable to get it.

Fake NECA 1/4 Predator <<< Direct to 3rd party website

Friday, December 16, 2011

~ GBWC Promotion and new products (Part 1)

Here are some photos of newly released products. I will upload more soon especially Full Armor Unicorn!!!

2010 Lucky draw chrome plated Big size luxury Liu Bei.....I want it but not for sale :(

Some LBX model kits. Another new line from Bandai.

Gundam Age model kits.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

~ GBWC Zaku war in the jungle

This is /60 scale Zaku in jungle camouflage. The diorama looks simple but check out all the details on the diorama.

The water effects on the river looks realistic !!! Very nice!!! One of the photo that I like to view again and again :)

The details and colors on the train tracks also looks realistic !!! Awesome !!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

~ GBWC Accguy in training

I wonder is this a prototype version of Accguy? It is a MG 1/100 scale version. The diorama looks simple but nice. Enjoy !!! :)

I like the rusty effects on the body.


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