Tuesday, January 27, 2009

~ Hotwheels Acura NSX

Hot Wheels Acura also known as Honda NSX was released as 2008 First Editions (FE) series. It is one great Japanese car to be added into our die-cast collections. It has 3 types of colors i.e. pearl white, metallic black and metallic yellow. Honda fans should not miss this great car!!!

There is a Acura logo located at the hood/ bonet and "Acura" wording on the front windscreen.

I guess M.Cheung is the driver of this car but white and yellow NSX has "Kao" instead. There is "22" on both doors.

The windscreen of this car is transparent red, a perfect matching color with black. I like this colour compared to the other 2 colors. Besides that, it has a nice, sporty spoiler and chrome interior.

The exhaust pipes are in chrome finishing. Cool looking!!!

It has grey plastic base and was made in Malaysia.

Friday, January 23, 2009

~ Street Fighter Video Game (Youtube)

Wao!!! I just found this special video on Youtube. A very creative video which is built-in with mini game!!! It is actually a video which can response to your click. You can choose your opponent and cast skill or techniques. Besides that, the creator is using toys as Street Fighters characters. A very impressive work indeed.

Video credits: PatrickBolvin from YouTube

Thursday, January 22, 2009

~ Happy Month !!!

January 2009 is a great month to me. Why? This is because there are 5 great celebrations happening on January.

5 Great celebrations:-
  1. A brand new start of Year 2009. (New Life!!!) Photobucket
  2. My Birthday month. (Getting older )
  3. My blog 1st anniversary. (1 year has passed!!! That's fast) Photobucket
  4. Happy Chinese New Year. (Hope to get more Ang Pau xD)
  5. The only full holiday month for me. Photobucket

The following photo shows my Birthday cake. It is supposed to be used for Chinese New Year(CNY) celebration as it has CNY theme, I guess. Anyway, my family just bought it as it looks special. The fish actually is a symbol. In Chinese we call "Nian nian you yu" which represents every year we have something to eat. As for the Mandarin ( looks like orange) call "Da jie da li" represents prosperity and successfulness.

I wish everyone have a wonderful, prosperous CNY celebration this year. Remember to drive carefully while you are on the way back to hometown. =)

Friday, January 16, 2009

~ Tomica Super Ambulance (2008)

I bought this ambulance last year. It is one my favorite Tomica vehicle. I just realized that there is no scale for this ambulance when I tried to do the review. It is actually a replacement of a previous ambulance super ambulance.

This ambulance is quite detail when I first saw it. All are original painted by Tomy. I didn't add any detailing. If you look closer you can see the Isuzu and ambulance logo.

Great detail on the side of this ambulance truck. Written in Chinese characters "Tokyo Ambulance". There is no suspension for this truck.

The emergency lamps are in transparent red which reminds me about Lego. :) The top of this ambulance is detail!!!

The best part; the slide out gimmick of "mini clinic". However, it only can slide out half of the portion. Besides that, only the truck's "head" and part of the base is made from die-cast. The container is made from plastic. Too bad. :( Hopefully it won't turn yellowish in future.

Rear is nicely painted and detail!!!

Here's a better view of the gimmick.

The real name of this truck is Isuzu Giga which has a black base.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

~ SD Masked Rider Drake

I notice that there are quite many people searching for SD Masked Rider of Kamen Rider through my blog. So, I decided to post more of my SD collection to share with every one. I bought this figure last week from a local toy shop. I wonder why there is still a piece of this unit left in the shop. it was produced in 2006 by Bandai for gashapon machines. It is from Kabuto Swing series. Some local collectors have been looking for this series for so loacng but unable to find them locally.

It has nice "fix" action pose and a pair of cool blue transparent eyes.

Nice detailing on the chest "Wing".

It stands at around 2 inches tall.

I edited the contrast and brightness of the photo. I like the following photo effect very much =)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

~ SD Gundam 00 Battle (Gashapon)

Here are some simple Gundam battle diorama scene that I created. Enjoy =)

The building is actually taken from another type of Gundam gashapon that I found it is quite matching with the SD Gundam gashapon.

Friday, January 9, 2009

~ NEWS: Price Increased!!!

This week I purposely went around to survey for new toys as I am on holiday. I notice Hotwheels and matchbox price has been increased. In Malaysia, previous retail price was RM5.90 but now Rm6.50!!! That's kinda pricey for me. The place with new price tag are Parkson and Metrojaya. Stores that still with temporary old price tag are Jusco, 7 eleven and Carrefour. It sound like bad news!!! Yes, indeed for most of us.Photobucket

Anyway, on the bright side this way can help me to minimize my collection.PhotobucketI have to seriously concentrate on what I really like. Gundam and S.I.C price increases every time with new mold. Then, followed by Transformers since last year May. Now, Hot Wheels and Matchbox turn......Photobucket

UPDATE By Week of 12/01/2009 :
All Hot Wheels and Matchbox are finally RM6.50 each. Ferrari special racer edition series is RM14.90 each. PhotobucketPhotobucket

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

~ Transformers Bumblebee Movie (Robot Heroes)

I bought some cute Transformers figures early this year. Another version of small figures released by Hasbro with "semi-action". I believe we have seen this type figures released in Star Wars and Marvel Heroes before. The first figure that I bought is Bumblebee.

Bumblebee collects the all spark.

The figure is quite detail. It has many small details especially on the legs.

The features:
  • Maker: Hasbro
  • Year of released: 2007-2008
  • Series: Robot Heroes
  • Material: PVC
  • 2.5" tall
  • Has limited joints
  • Painted

Bumblebee equipped with battle mask to protect the all spark. This figure is released in newer wave.

Starscream tries to steal the all spark from Bumblebee after the death of Megatron.

While Starscream is trying to squash Bumblebee, Optimus Prime comes to the rescue.

Goodbye Starscream.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

~ Hotwheels Designer Car new Colour

Here are some new designer car with new colour which arrived at my house last week. Enjoy!!!

Yellow Double Shotz

Blue Dodge XP-07

Black Gangster Grin


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